Frontier: A Young Adult Version of The Revenant

In Frontier’s opening moments, you see Momoa executing a trio of British soldiers with a hunting knife in the aftermath of gruesome battle. It’s brutal and gratuitous, and at this point, it’s practically formulaic.

Pure Genius: Not Really

Why are we so afraid to try experimental new treatments on hitherto untreatable diseases? Logic aside, it’s certainly a romantic notion.

Black Mirror: Probably at least a High 3?

The pilot ends up exactly where you expect it, and thus feels maybe 15 minutes and two encounters too long. It spells out its ideas with sledgehammer subtlety, which doesn’t make for particularly challenging viewing.

Berlin Station: The Midnight Manager

Like with many Le Carre novels, the espionage is very workaday, with little more than stashed USB sticks or cellphones as their primary tools. But the storytelling is crisp and the characters are compelling.