Patriot: The Polar Opposite of James Bond

Michael Dorman plays John Tavner, a reluctant US intelligence officer suffering from mild PTSD from a job gone bad — a condition that he copes with by writing honest (way too honest) folk songs. Terry O’Quinn of Lost fame plays his father, who also happens to be his boss. Tavner gets sent to Luxembourg posing as an engineer, but he’s neither very knowledgeable nor very prepared, and his support team isn’t all that great either.

I knew next to nothing about Amazon’s new show when I loaded it up and I have to confess that I was surprised by how refreshing it was. The pilot seems to strike the impossible balance between being genuinely exciting and being oddly humorous, but without ever falling into the doldrums of dreary spy dramas, or absurdist slapstick. The writing is delicious, and Dorman’s exhausted, increasingly stoic Tavner is a joy to watch.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Brazilian Jiujitsu black-belters in Luxembourg

Amazon – Premiered February 2017

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