Santa Clarita Diet: Finally a Suburban Family Comedy for Horror Fans

Tim Olyphant and Drew Barrymore star in this suburban family comedy from Netflix that asks the question: what would happen if your wife of many years woke up one morning and found herself with a strong appetite for raw human flesh?

Taking some of its cues from revisionist zombie films like Warm Bodies, Fido, and Shaun of the Dead, the Santa Clarita Diet pilot plays fast and loose with its definitions of what a zombie really is, but the most surprising thing about it is how well it works. The writing, reminiscent of Weeds or Pushing Daisies, provides a good framework, but mostly, it’s down to its two leads, both of whom are delivering some of their best deadpan comedy work ever here.

For genre fans, Nathan Fillion guest stars in the first episode.

Rating: 4 out of 5 gallons of green vomit

Netflix – Premiered January 2017

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