Beyond: The OA for Kids

In Beyond, FreeForm’s new teen sci-fi show, Holden Matthews wakes up after being in a coma for 12 years. He was 13 when he had the motorcycle accident that put him under, and now he’s a good looking young man ready to lead his own TV show. The first third of the pilot feature the usual scenes of familial reintegration: tearful parents running to the hospital room, news vans parked outside their home, awkward anachronistic conversations over family dinner, and of course, shopping for clothes and not knowing what works. Sounds a bit like the first episode of The OA? Depending on your fortitude, Beyond is a much easier viewing experience, although it’s nowhere near as distinct, or frankly, as interesting.

Holden of course has supernatural abilities (cribbing notes from Kyle XY, or maybe 2015’s excellent Midnight Special), and there’s some kind of government conspiracy to capture him, another faction trying to save him, a hot mysterious girl who knows the truth, a former best friend who betrays him but must now make amends, etc., etc.

Rating: 1 out of 5 slow-motion action sequences in the rain

Freeform – Premiered January 2016


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