Incorporated: What if Google/Microsoft/Apple Ruled the World?

The Syfy channel has been working extra hard this year: it’s produced the halfway decent space opera The Expanse, the not-so-decent alien terrorism show Hunters, the ultra-creepy Channel Zero, and now they’ve got this surprising new show executive produced by Ben Affleck (!) and Matt Damon (!!).
The year is 2074 and big corporations rule the world. (So basically, it’s like now, but with less social media noise.) The rich live in high-tech, heavily guarded districts while the poor have to survive in the surrounding urban wastelands. Think Blade Runner, the Marvel 2099 comics, Brave New World, Judge Dredd, Equilibrium, and a whole gaggle of other similar futuristic dystopias.
Within this milieu, one clever pauper has managed to convince everyone that he’s one of “the suits,” not unlike Ethan Hawke in Gattaca, and is using his rising position within the company to do something crazy.
Like most good sci-fi, Incorporated is both commentary and narrative, and references to current events abound. The show’s vision of the future is nicely fleshed out and, save for the fact that all of the employees on the show still inexplicably carry briefcases around, a lot of the tech happily makes sense.
Rating: 4 out of 5 biometrics-based security devices

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